Konzertpianist Eric Bhattacharya
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My mentors


After finishing my studies in Paris , I gained international concert experience and deepened my knowledge and skills through further education.

Well-known pianists assisted me on this path, and in particular Prof. Conrad Hansen in Hamburg with whom I studied from 1985 to 1990, and  world famous pianist Bruno Leonardo Gelber who has been guiding me since 2003.

Both mentors shared their lifelong experience with me.

I am  grateful for these encounters that brought me to a deeper understanding and experience of the piano literature, allowing me to tackle masterpieces such as Beethoven’s Waldstein Sonata, and Franz Liszt’s Sonata

Currently I‘m working on the 24 Etudes by Chopin ,some of the most difficult works for piano ever written.

Do you finally want to learn how to play the piano without wasting more time?

Please call or write to me. I look forward to meeting you soon!